Ever seen a lawn that looks like a perfect green carpet? We all want our gardens to look like that! One secret to making a lawn look super neat is called ‘lawn rolling’. This means using a big, heavy roller to press down on the grass. Think of it like using a rolling pin on cookie dough. But why do people do this? Let’s dive into the reasons!

1. Smooth Out the Bumps

When you roll your lawn, it helps to make the ground even. If you’ve ever tripped over a bump or hole in a yard, you know it’s not fun! Rolling can help fix this.

2. Helps After Planting Seeds

After planting new grass seeds, rolling helps press the seeds into the ground. This can make sure they grow well.

3. Makes It Look Neat

Just like how we comb our hair to look nice, rolling a lawn can make it look tidy and pretty.

Remember, though, don’t roll your lawn too often! Doing it a lot can squish the soil too much, which isn’t great for the grass. But every once in a while can help make your lawn look amazing!